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We have a  "Price Match Guarantee" on all products under $300 .  This has some conditions -  competitors offer must be currently available and identical stock offered - vintage the same. We now also have champagne price smash guarantee - we will offer $10 lower on any champagne price offered elsewhere in HK if we stock this item.

We sell some wine on consignment - all the wines by the case only in the Old World/ France section. We do not guarantee this wine will not have cork taint. These wines have perfect provenance however with older wines there is always a chance of cork taint. That's why the new world has embraced screw cap with fervour whilst Old world have remained with traditional cork seal.


My Wine Man was born out of frustration with Hong Kong wine retailers not passing on the savings from the abolition of the wine tax in 2008, as well as the relative strength of the HKD.  Prices may vary (higher or lower) depending on the relative strength of HKD at the time of purchase. All prices on the site are "live" and correct as you see them with exchange rates compensated into the price displayed.

We aim to provide a large (and growing!) selection of good quality wines, at the fairest prices, along with good quality service.

We freight all our wine in air conditioned containers or via Air Freight so as to guarantee that the wine is not spoiled enroute .

Everything on the site is in stock in Hong Kong unless otherwise stated in the stock column.

We sell wine in Hong Kong from Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain and  Italy.  

We have now also launched My Meat Man for same reasons listed above that My Wine Man was started. We are sourcing premium chilled Lamb, Beef ,Chicken ,Alaskan Salmon, Duck and Goat. Excitingly we have exclusive of two of Australia's most famous and premium beef brands - King Island Beef and Great Southern Pinnacle Beef. Our aim is to sell these at the same prices, or as close as possible, to what you would pay in those countries at a good butchers shop.  Email us at info@mymeatman.com if you have any questions.

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