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Boar Black Forest Premium Dry Gin 500 ml

Boar Black Forest Premium Dry Gin 500 ml

BOAR Blackforest Premium Dry Gin - Truffle Gin from the Black Forest

According to the Boar website this is the worlds most awarded gin in 2017 and 2018. No small claim!

Here is a link to all the awards they have recently achieved https://boargin.de/en/awards-2/

BOAR Blackforest Premium Dry Gin is made in the Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg and flavored with exquisite botanicals from the region. The makers of Boar Gin use wild boars to hunt for the truffles that are then used in the production process, and that is how the manufacturers came up with the idea for this quirky label.

Distilled with the best Black Forest truffles: BOAR Gin

Using the rare Black Forest truffle deprives the gin, during the distillation, of bitter substances and its sharpness, which ensures a very mild result. All the ingredients that are used in the production process are collected in the Black Forest. These ingredients grow wild and are hand-picked before they are used for BOAR Gin.

An experience for the senses with juniper, lemon, lavender and truffle.

Upon opening the bottle of BOAR Gin its unique character immediately unfolds. Juniper berries, lemon, lavender and thyme satisfy the senses and end in a great finish with hints of truffles. The ingredients are of a very high quality and make this gin a special treat. This is also what the jury of the Global Spirit Award thinks, because BOAR Gin was voted the best clear spirit in the world, with a double gold medal!

Worlds Best Gin !!

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